As all our clients are unique and have different requirements, we are unable to provide you with a set price.

If you are interested in a clean and would like a quote, please contact us with your requirements and our team will be happy to help.

We aim to provide all our clients with the same 2 cleaners, although this is not always possible. Our cleaners are provided in pairs, so that if one of your regular cleaners is unavailable you will always have at least one cleaner who you’re familiar with and knows how you like your property to be cleaned.

All our cleaners are supplied with their own cleaning products and equipment, although due to certain locations it is unadvisable for the cleaners to bring their own equipment and we would ask that you provide the items required. If this is the case this will be discussed before the job is accepted.

All we ask is that the property is in a reasonable tidy condition before the clean so that it allows the cleaners to be fully focused on cleaning the property and not having to waste time on other things.

In the event of a cleaner running late, we aim to contact you prior to their arrival time to inform you of the delay, although this isn’t always manageable and if you haven’t been contacted, you can give a quick call to Kwik Clean or send us an email and we will investigate the delay and contact you with a reply asap.

If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact us asap at [email protected] so we can update the schedule and inform any cleaners.

All keys are held securely by the assigned cleaner until prior to the clean, once the property has been cleaned the keys are locked away securely if we are a key holder.

In the unfortunate case that something was to get broken in your home, please contact us by the end of business day of your clean with images of the damage so that we can investigate the matter.